Installation consisting of:

-     13 slide projectors running at varying speeds
-     683 slides, both found and taken by the artist
-     a single-channel digital audioless subtitle track of 92 minutes length.

‘Chewing Statues’ comprises of slide projectors with found images as well as images taken by the artist. Accompanying it is a narration, presented in the form of soundless subtitles. This narration talks of moments of self-deceptions, mis-communications, storytelling, and of making stories our own, losing and adding pieces here and there as it goes along.

In this installation, we are presented with an exaggerated moment of familiarity. With the dust, the landscapes, the boredom, the birthday cakes.  With the clunking sound and whir of the projector, the trips to somewhere far away, the drawn curtains and the interuptions from the audience disputing the order of things told.  With the slide as a celluloid fossil.