I work with collections, documentations and stories.

I do this mainly with the help of photography and moving images - ways of capturing something that can speak of so much truth, and in doing so, create interesting shadows. I hope my work allows people to appreciate concepts I am interested in. Concepts such as time, geography, connections, death and memory. I hope it allows you to think about them in a new way, presented at a different angle where you have to bend your knees to see it properly.

My work is dedicated to scientists and to hoarders. To explorers and to diggers. To what is written on the back of things. To telling the same story in many different voices. To writing the date. It is a dedication to the familiar, to the unconnected and out of reach. To knowing how something works, and still be surprised and humbled by it anyway. To hold something up to the light and feel the gravity in your feet.