Andy Allen-Olivar

Andy Allen-Olivar likes to write on his hand. 
On the day when he writes this his hand says:

Who can run faster?1

Document stolen baby pics

Building code for Erik 2406

Look up Ida’s mercury guy2

Post tape to Louis

B is fo...3

_______________________________ This one is written illegibly but I remember writing it so I know what it says. However I can’t remember why I wrote it.
Actually this is a great but I will probably tell it wrong. There was this old Danish guy who they believe died of mercury poisoning - and what with the marvels of medical science, they decided to be not so RIP about it – dug him up, plucked a little hair from his rotting Plenty and tested it. What they found that in the last two months of his life (or was it four?) he didn’t have any mercury in his system, but rather an abnormal amount of gold and silver.
At this point the rest is too faded and I can’t remember what it was supposed to say.       
For breakfast.